Meet the Perfumer

Introducing the Perfumer


I have loved all kinds of fragrances as long as I can remember. Some of my earliest memories are of ordinary scents around the house, my mother's perfumes, herbs, and flowers in the garden. I have a graduate degree in chemosensory research from Duke University, but ended up not working in that field professionally. However, I suspect that this background probably does color the way in which I go about perfumery. When I started growing orchid plants, the fragrances of the different orchids kindled my interest in fragrances, and I started tinkering with the materials in the huge collection of essential oils that I had accumulated over the years for the simple reason that I liked to smell them. Now I had found a use for all those oils! I started reading about perfumery, and my attempts at recreating orchid fragrances became increasingly successful. However, I soon realized that it was not enough to simply recreate the scent of an orchid, I needed to formulate it as a conventional perfume that would be wearable. To make a long story short, my explorations have resulted in a line of orchid-inspired perfumes as well as an increasing number of perfumes that are inspired by places, nature, culture, and fantasy. 
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- Ellen Covey