About the Perfumes

About Olympic Orchids Perfumes

 Golden Cattleya flower and perfume

Olympic Orchids, established in 2010, is a line of handcrafted artisan fragrance products, first inspired by the incredible variety of scents produced by orchid flowers and created by Ellen Covey, owner of Olympic Orchids orchid nursery in the Pacific Northwest.

The original line includes a series of scents inspired by different species of orchids, “Scents of Place”, perfumes inspired by some of the places that perfumer Ellen Covey has lived in or visited, and the “Perfumer’s Perfumes”, a selection of classic and experimental fragrances. There are now over two dozen fragrances in the original line, special editions, and newer releases. 

All Olympic Orchids fragrances are produced from the highest quality ingredients obtainable. Composition ranges from 100% natural to mixed media. In the mixed media scents, the natural essential oil, absolutes, and tinctures are enhanced by synthetic notes from the same manufacturers who supply the top European perfume manufacturers, but synthetics are kept to a minimum. Soap and perfume are made using the same or similar formula and ingredients. All products are formulated to be on the high end of their concentration range. Pure perfume is 25-33% fragrance materials and eau de parfum is 18-24%. All of the spray bottles that I use are refillable, and packaging materials are biodegradable.

The standard perfumes are made with perfumer’s alcohol, but if you'd like a perfume oil, that is available as a custom formulation.

If you’re not sure about what you would like, you can try one of the sample packs that include some or all fragrances in perfume concentration.

A Word About Natural Perfumes

Like any other natural product, the raw materials used in perfume vary somewhat depending on where they come from, the time, date, and year they were harvested, how they were harvested and processed, and other factors. This means that there may be slight variability from batch to batch. I try to make sure that fragrance remains consistent from batch to batch, but color of the perfume may vary considerably across batches and may change somewhat as the perfume ages.