Scents of the Season


The Scents of the Season Summer Solstice 2016 edition contains a selection of fragrances especially suited to the warm weather of a northern hemisphere summer.

Scents of the Season is conceived as a series of seasonal fragrance sampler sets, each including a surprise selection of scents that seem especially well suited for the season and/or any new releases that season, including special limited editions. Each boxed set will consist of five 3-ml spray samples.

Individually, the seasonal boxes are $29 each ($35 with international shipping); a full year’s subscription is $90 ($140) with international shipping). Subscription holders will receive sample sets in late December, March, June, and September, around the time of the solstice or exuinox. The individual boxes or a full year’s subscription are a great way to try new things, and are also wonderful gifts for perfume lovers.

Order the Summer Collection for shipping now through September 1, individually or to kick off your subscription. 



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