Kingston Ferry


On a sunny morning when the fog is still hanging over the water, take a walk down to the ferry dock and breathe the sea air, the scents of madrone, rhododendron, heather, wildflowers, garden flowers, and cedar leaves from the land, the sea-weathered wood pilings of the dock, and the sun-dried driftwood and charred firewood from the beach. Tincture of Pacific Northwest seaweed contributes a subtle, green ocean fragrance. For a review, click here. The old-style 30 ml EdP spray bottle is on sale now. 
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    When Antonia at Tigerlily Perfumery in San Francisco sprayed this perfume for me, I paused and said... "it smells like... a recent trip I took to Port Townsend, Washington. Like the ferry ride over there, and the sea, and the forest by the beach." Antonia sort of goggled at me, and said Yes! It is based on the Kingston Ferry, one of the ferry rides from Seattle through the straits!" What can I say, I've got a good memory for scents... and Ellen has a magical hand that precisely evokes place and particulars! If you want to know what a ride over the water in the Pacific Northwest smells like, this is your scent. I get iodine, green Pacific Northwest forest scents: trees and ground flora, the smell of the sea.
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