A dreamy scent of the American South that takes you from a day spent among sun-warmed longleaf pines, grassy fields, magnolias, and kudzu flowers through a warm, humid night sweetened with the scent of honeysuckle and star jasmine, always with an undercurrent of tonka-rich tobacco curing in the wooden barns and historic red brick factories.
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    This is an herbal damp dewy floral! Magnolia and jasmine blooming on a humid night, the meadow's wildflowers and hay! It's all blended so well, the resinous sweet tonka and tobacco really round it out! Unlike anything else I have smelled, and there's a certain bit of creaminess to round out the herbal woodiness. It's all so perfect, so serene and evocative. FB here I come!

    This is so exquisitely balanced! Humid, dewy, fresh, but lush! the tobacco grounds it all, and gives it a strong backbone; paired with the interesting sweet herbal facets, this perfume evolves and blooms! A masterpiece, every perfumista should at least sniff once in their lifetimes. Very very worth a full bottle.
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