Olympic Rainforest


Explore the mysterious, lush, mist-shrouded rainforest of the Pacific Northwest, where everything is constantly green, every surface dripping with water and covered with life in the cycle of growth, decay and rebirth. Cedar leaves, green sword ferns, rhododendron, forest mushrooms, wildflowers from the clearings, oakmoss, and Port Orford Cedar wood are all rising from the wet, leafy scent of the forest floor.  For reviews click here and here
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    This smells precisely like a walk through an Olympic Peninsula Rainforest. I can pick out the mushroom, the cedar, the ferns, the wetness, the moss... it's very green, and very earthy. If you want to imagine yourself to this place, this is the perfume to do it with! It also is delicious sprayed into one's hair and blow-dried. I don't get longevity with this on my skin, hence the hair-spraying, which is an all-day affair.

    This is the perfect perfume for a woman (or man) who loves nature. It is very cedary, but the hint of wildflowers and spiciness make it feminine enough for a woman to wear. It's also great for people (like me) who have sensitive skin or who are allergic to strong floral perfumes.

    Olympic Rainforest is an incredibly fine scent as the creator of this superb concoction has managed to capture the true aroma of a forest. This is magnificent, with excellent sillage, outstanding longevity and the drydown is stellar. This is a must try for anyone who enjoys fresh forest scents. This is a very well-crafted fragrance that I am so glad to have discovered. I have been using Slumberhouse's Norne and Vikt and Olympic Rainforest beats both all day and all night long. It's simply outstanding.

    Very piney, and foresty! damp strong cedariness with hints of mushrooms, moss and a tich of flowers underneath. The myrhh is evident and gives it a resinous quality. Like you just cut a pine and the sappy strong evergreen smell fills the air. You'd better like pine as much as I do to love this one! I'll be getting this one to use around the holidays.
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